Our entire collection revolves around the little black dress. Our bikinis are characterized by loving attention to detail.

Classic shapes in a friendly black have been embellished with crystals. This not only makes them perfect for the sirens of the seven seas, but also lends a magical glamor-factor to the sorceresses of the shore.

THE GRETELS is steeped in tradition. It represents earthiness and a positive outlook on life. We don’t jump on the bandwagon of the latest, fleeting trends, but build on timeless styles beyond the reach of becoming passé.

Why black bikinis?

We like black. Not only does it complement the figure, it also allows our crystals from SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS to be highlighted to their greatest advantage!

And why glitter?

The crystals subtly create an added value. Of course bikinis are a dime a dozen – exclusivity presumably as well – our goal, however, is to provide an important fashion accessory that allows the individual wearer to dazzle while offering her a variety of models to do it in.

Whoever truly feels right at home in this great glittering world of ours, will be able to set off a veritable crystalline fireworks from the surface of their skin by donning our deluxe model with its more than 1300 stones.

This collection uses only genuine crystals from SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and we guarantee their durability on our bikinis.

We work exclusively with SWAROVSKI-licensed contractors who are specialized in the application of crystals and whose certification we can confirm. Good quality is important to us, which is why we select our materials carefully and rely on professional processing.

We produce exclusively in Europe. Only then are we close enough to the action to be able to inspect and supervise the manufacturing of our products in the best possible way. The direct contact with the producer and a healthy monitoring of the production process is a matter of honor.

In addition to its conventional use, the Bikini Debut
Collection is also an ideal accoutrement for the night.
Whether to beat-box rhythms or the classical sound of violins, in either the deep sea or on the deck of a ship – bikinis from THE GRETELS always cut a good figure and they do so discreetly and unobtrusively. Because as the saying goes:

Elegance is not about being eye-catching, but to linger in the memory.