There is more than one way that leads to Rome. This is why our MAIDEN collection will lead you to success!

There are a lot of good reasons to buy our high-class MAIDEN-collection.
Currently we focus on natural fabrics, that do not only look fantastic if combined, but are also very comfortable to wear.

Precious Cashmere

Cashmere is a very rare and exclusive material.
This is because the natural fiber is obtained exclusively from the cashmere goat. The extremely soft wool is particularly comfortable to wear and consists of the peritoneum of cashmere goat.
The farming of these goats is very costly and only possible in very few places in the world. The extraction of wool is done by combing out the winter coat of the goats.
This too is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process, which, in addition to outstanding heat holding characteristic, also contributes to the exclusivity factor of the wool.

High quality stretch leather
Our products are made to wear like a second skin, that you do not want to take off. Stretch leather is much more comfortable and classy than conventional leather.
In the production process thin premium leather is laminated on very stretchy, textile supporting material in a special procedure. This allows the leather to be extremely stretchy  and the inside becomes a very pleasant textile feel.
Even with a very tight fit, you can enjoy maximum freedom of movement and baggy knees are a thing of the past.

First-Class silk
There is no need to go into detail about silk. We all know and love silk. It is characterized by its elegant look and its lightness. In addition, it is very comfortable to wear and specially skin-friendly. In the summertime it cools, and it provides warmth in the winter.

Anyone who loves to combine luxury and being comfortable, cannot go wrong with our MAIDEN-collection. With the cashmere, silk, leather look you show that you are trendy and confident.
But be careful: MAIDEN holds addiction potential!