We, at MAIDEN GmbH, are a young, progressive agency for fashion design & production management. We offer customized design and production concepts. You can be sure that you will always get fast, reliable help wherever you are in your process.


We design a line, take care of the process from market analysis to the finished product with an expert working production.
Wherever you are in your process, we help you right there.

In the world of MAIDEN no wishes remain unfulfilled, our own designs offer a wide range of possibilities.
We would love to arrange a customized MAIDEN-BRANDS assortment for you, that perfectly fits your needs and is individually fitted to your distribution channels.


MAIDEN is tradition-conscious, stands for a down-to-earth mentality and a positive attitude to life. Quality is what counts, that is why we choose our material with great diligence and place emphasis on expert manufacturing.

We produce in Europe, mainly Turkey, as this is the only way we can assure to be close enough to the point of production to ensure that all steps of the process meet our full satisfaction. It is our heartfelt wish to stay in direct contact with the manufacturing company and to find production facilities that guarantee fair working conditions.


Britta Christen

Britta Christen

Managing director & founder of MAIDEN GmbH

Britta is responsible for development and design, budgeting and strategic planning of collections of our co-operation partners. She affectionately structures her visions to become reality as soon as possible.
Gesa Lüthje

Gesa Lüthje

Head of design & founder of MAIDEN GmbH

Gesa supervises our design & production team. She is always up-to-date with new trends and on site to ensure the best quality of the product.
Tatjana Tschesno

Tatjana Tschesno

Sales & fashion manager

Tatjana is our master of communications and an expert for the MAIDEN-Brand collection presentations as well as customized designs for private label and the CI-segment.